A Fortunate Space

TRG3, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 2015

To find the specific language of theatre, Antonin Artuad felt that theatre should look to the high drama of allegorical paintings such as the Sabbath paintings by Goya. Becoming and Fatality are the main properties identified by Artaud in these paintings that are key to the spiritual profundity and formal harmony he wanted in his theatre.

Artaud and Goya are key references in this project by Steven Anderson, where painting and performance are being developed inter-connectedly to find new ways of making images and moving around perceptions of mortality and the fragmented body. In reference to ideas from psychophysical performance and animism an aim of the project is to make new painting and performance through an embodied approach to performing with museum objects, paintings and the gallery space.

Text taken from the TRG3 project

Photography by Erika Stevenson