Culturetype and Symbols

Instal'10, Tramway, 2010.

Performed by: Elena Piras, Martin O'Connor and Steven Anderson

The performance aimed to engage audience members in three distinct ways simultaneously over three time frames.

One performer sang folk songs from various origins, including: Sardinia, Bulgaria, Greece, Gaelic Scotland. An actor read text that was written as the document of research process for the performance itself. A third performer spoke in a understated way to each audience member, asking for a piece of the clothing to wear during the performance.

Underlying these three overlapping performances, the front of house staff performed an action of making lists of the dates of birth from each person who attended the performance.

Taken from the Instal'10 website - It's the creation of a social space and interaction, a kind of allegorical exchange more in line with what folk music is at it's heart than any homogenised appeal to authenticity or clichéd, stylistic and empty gestures…charming, persuasive but with a deep fidelity to folk.

See the INSTAL'10 website for further information.