Warmed Air

Buzzcut Double Thrills, CCA, Glasgow, 2016

Warmed Air is a performance project by Steven Anderson developed from a performance lecture project with Talbot Rice Gallery at the Anatomy Lecture Theatre at Edinburgh University and for Buzzcut at the CCA. The project has been a collaboration with the following people who have performed in the work:

Ruth Pollitt - Anatomical Museum Collections Assistant and Malcolm MacCallum - Anatomical Museum, Monro Project Curator / Researcher, both at the University of Edinburgh. John Clark - Maths Teacher. Catherine King - BSL/English Interpreter.

The performance consisted of overlapping sound, video, painting action and spoken texts. The sound piece consisted of 6 requiems layered to create a noise track.Texts under the following titles were delivered:The Anatomy Class,Gold Elipse (young stars), Nail Varnish, Victorian Super Giants, Pink Satin, The Heavy Metal Star.